Featured works

  • Research highlight (2020) A DNA voltmeter exposes a cell’s electric inner life. Nature , November 02, 2020
  • A cellular lysosome (green; artificially coloured). A miniature device can measure the voltage difference across the outer membranes of lysosomes and other components of cells. Credit: SCIENCE SOURCE/SPL

  • Research highlight (2019) Nano-device maps a cell’s enzymes at work. Nature , February 11, 2019
  • Diphtheria bacteria infecting Caernohabditis elegans worms (pictured) co-opt one of the worms’ enzymes to make a toxin, according to a technology that can pick out even low levels of enzymes in cells. Credit: Sinclair Stammers/SPL

  • Editorial (2019) DNA nanostructures fingerprint cellular organelles. Nature Nanotechnology , 14, 99

  • Marx V.(2019) The author file - Yamuna Krishnan. Nature Methods , 16, 3

  • Horejs C.-M. (2019) Lysosomes uncovered. Nature Reviews Materials , 4, 2

  • Researchers use DNA nanomachines to discover subgroups of lysosomes. Phys.org , December 20, 2018