Positions available

We currently don't have open positions. But interested postdocs having their own funding are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate is deeply inspired to marry cutting edge functional imaging technologies (our expertise) with long-standing biomedical problems (candidate's expertise) to visualize new molecular phenomena. He/She may have expertise and a strong track-record in any two of the following four techniques (i) C elegans genetics (ii) zebrafish genetics (iii) live-imaging approaches to cell biological problems or (iv) intracellular traffic, i.e., mechanisms of endocytosis or exocytosis. Our new postdoc/s would be looking to leverage the new probes Krishnan lab has developed in challenging questions related to intracellular traffic.

Krishnan lab makes fluorescent probes to quantitate organelle functionality in living cells and genetic model organisms. These probes are basically nucleic-acid based molecular assemblies, about the size of an antibody, that are programmed to specifically localize in the lumen of a given endocytic or secretory organelle and report on the concentration of various second messengers therein. We have a platform technology for functional imaging assays that are deployable both in cultured cells and in vivo to understand molecular mechanisms in disease.

Apply with your (i) list of publications, (ii) names of three references, and (iii) not more than two fully referenced paragraphs that describe the question you propose to address using our reporters to:

  • Yamuna Krishnan
  • Email: yamuna[at]uchicago.edu / yamuna.postdoc[at]gmail.com.
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    Yamuna Krishnan

    E-MAIL: yamuna[at]uchicago.edu

    Address: E305A, Gordon Centre for Integrative Science, 929 E., 57th Ellis Avenue. Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago, Illinois-60637

    Phone: +1-773-702-4364