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  • Souvik Modi
  • Graduated April 2012, obtaining the 1st prize for the 2012 Eli Lilly Asia Outstanding Thesis Award. Won an EMBO Long Term Fellowship and now working in Dr. Josef Kittler's lab at University College London, UK. Congratulations to Souvik who just won the Marie Curie Fellowship (Nov 2013).
  • souvikmodi[at]gmail.com
  • Anusuya Bannerjee
  • I did my B.Sc in Biomedical Sciences from University of Delhi (2009) and M.Sc by Research in Biology from NCBS (2012). Post my M.Sc, I worked as a junior research fellow in Dr. Krishnan's lab at NCBS (2013). I am currently pursuing my PhD at ESPCI (Paris) jointly in collaboration with her laboratory. For quite sometime, I have been interested in nucleic acids in different forms and contexts. In my PhD I wish to devise novel bioimaging tools using fluorescent nanoparticles and DNA bioconjugates.
  • anusuya.banerjee09[at]gmail.com
  • Dhiraj Bhatia
  • Graduated August 2013, obtaining the Charpak Fellowship and  the 1st prize for the 2013 Eli Lilly Asia Outstanding Thesis Award. Now is a Curie Postdoctoral student at Institut Curie with Prof. Ludger Johannes. Congratulations to Dhiraj who recently got HFSP long term postdoctoral fellowship.
  • dhirajbhatia1[at]gmail.com
  • Syed Masood Husain
  • Worked as a post doc from February, 2013 to March 2014. Currently is an Assistant Professor at Centre of Biomedical Research (cbmr.res.in) in Lucknow
  • smhusain[at]ncbs.res.in
  • Saikat Chakraborty
  • After his thesis submission in November 2013, he has spent a year as a bridging post doctoral fellow in the YKlab working on high resoultion structure determination of RNA complex. He visited Baylor College of Medicine and NIH as a short term researcher for Cryo-EM and SAXS studies, respectively. Now is a postdoctoral fellow wih Prof. Wolfgang Baumeister  in Max Planck Instititute of Biochemistry.
  • saikat.ncbs[at]gmail.com
  • Sonali Saha
  • Graduated December 2013, currently postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Thomas J. Jentsch lab. Best talk at FNANO-12 and the Zita Lobo Memorial Best Thesis Award.
  • saha[at]fmp-berlin.de
  • sonali.ncbs[at]gmail.com
    • Suruchi Sharma
    • Graduated June 2014. She was awarded Dr D S Kothari Fellowship and she is a post doctoral fellow at Prof. Sandhya Visweswariah's Lab at IISc-Bengaluru, India.
    • Saheli Halder
    • Graduated in September 2015. Currently a post doc in Yaowen Wu lab, Chemical genomics society, Max Planck Institute, Dortmund, Germany.
  • saheli87[at]gmail.com
    • Sunaina Surana
    • Graduated in July 2015. Won Eli Lilly Asia Outstanding Thesis Award in 2014, and the Malhotra-Weikfield National Award for Nanoscience. Now a postdoc Prof. G. Schiavo lab in UCL
    • sunainas.ncbs[at]gmail.com
    • Ved Prakash
    • I have received an Integrated MSc degree in chemistry (2012) from National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar. I am currently working on advanced bio-imaging techniques using nucleic acid based sensors. I am fond of high speed roller skating, cycling and gymming.
    • vedprakash123[at]uchicago.edu


    Masters/Rotation/Visiting Students

    • Jessica Morgan
    • In 2017, I obtained my bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Smith College. As an undergraduate, I used DNA origami to create different molecular cargoes to investigate cargo transport by motor protein ensembles. My research interests include biophysics, nanotechnology, and molecular and cellular biology. When I am not in the lab, I enjoy running, reading, exploring the great outdoors, and traveling to new places.
    • jmorgan2[at]uchicago.edu
    • John Devany
    • I completed my bachelors in physics at UCSB in 2016. During my undergrad I spent several years researching the assembly and properties of DNA nanostructures. My research interests are in DNA nanotechnology, biophysics, and data analysis methods. Outside of lab I enjoy going to the gym, reading, and basketball.
    • jdevany[at]uchicago.edu

    Undergraduate students

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