Yamuna Krishnan

Email: yamuna[at]uchicago.edu

2014 - Professor, University of Chicago
2014: Assoc Professor, National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)
2009-13: Reader, NCBS, Bangalore
2005-9: Fellow, NCBS, Bangalore
2001-05: 1851 Research Fellowship, University of Cambridge, UK
2002: Ph. D., Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore,
1997: M.S., IISc, Bangalore,
1993: B. Sc. Madras University

Bionanotechnology aims to learn from nature - to understand the structure and function of biological devices and to utilise nature's solutions in advancing science and engineering. Evolution has produced an overwhelming number and variety of biological devices that function at the nanoscale or molecular level. My lab's central theme is one of synthetic biology, which involves taking a biological device, component or concept out of its natural cellular context and harnessing its function in a completely new setting so as to probe or reprogram the cell. Our research involves understanding the structure and dynamics of unusual forms of nucleic acids and translating this knowledge to create nucleic acid-based nanodevices for applications in biology.